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  • An officer is a member of an armed force or uniformed service who holds a position of authority. To be able to lead and control, requires the ability to motivate yourself, inspire others and make tough decisions efficiently.
  • When you join to become an Air Force Officer, we’ll help you develop your leadership and management skills, preparing you fully to take on the challenge of leading in real life situations. Lessons in team work, developing communication skills and confidence, honing strategic and dynamic thinking and preparing you to face pressure with ease are grilled in to an officer during his/her training.
  • The Air Force teaches you all, not only making men and women of young boys and girls, but making them leaders in life. An Officer’s strength of character and strong moral compass make him/her stand out from the crowd at all times.
  • As an Officer in the IAF, you will inherit the glorious heritage and timeless traditions of the IAF, blended perfectly with the latest technology as well you will strategise, lead and manage.
  • As an Officer in the IAF, you’re tasked with upholding the constitution and protecting India’s freedom. The responsibility is enormous but it’s not only about work it’s also about living well.
  • After successful completion, a trainee is commissioned into the service, and start his/her career in the rank of the Flying Officer. The rank structure of Officers in the IAF is given in the table below. Every officer gets chance to rise in his/her career depending upon the branch, available vacancies in a rank and performance of the officer during his/her career.
Officer Rank
Air Chief Marshal
Air Marshal
Air Vice Marshal
Air Commodore
Group Captain
Wing Commander
Squadron Leader
Flight Lieutenant
Flying Officer
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