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Air warrior code

  • With immense pride, we carry the motto of IAF deeply inscribed within our hearts, spreading our wings wide, soaring to greater heights and re-defining our limits, we reflect this divine lesson in all our deeds. Every milestone achieved gives us a new stepping stone to rise higher. The fuel to this amazing journey is derived from our air warrior code.
  • Irrespective of rank, appointment or branch/ trade as an IAF person, I am foremost an air warrior.
  • In every act and deed, the air warrior places the security and honour of the country above everything else.
  • The air warrior always volunteers for the toughest task.
  • When ordered, the air warrior undertakes the assigned mission unflinchingly and endeavours to complete it to the best of his/her ability regardless of the consequence to his safety.
  • The air warrior upholds the high traditions of the IAF and always strives to bring credit to his/her country and service.
  • Professionally and otherwise, the air warrior pursues excellence in whatever he/she does or supervises.
  • The air warrior is always honest and lives up to the trust placed in him/her by the service and the country.
  • The air warrior keeps physically fit and mentally agile.
  • When Command or incharge of subordinates, the air warrior leads with due concern for their safety and welfare and is prepared to do what he/she expects of them
  • The air warrior is impeccably turned out and by his bearing and conduct strives to be a role model for others.
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